Although assembly line work is the backbone that supports every manufacturing company in many industries across the United States, it has historically been, and remains to this day, a uniquely dangerous way to earn a living. A single, seemingly small error, failure to follow safety regulations, or malfunctioning piece of machinery could result in devastating injuries to multiple employees. Even the normal physical stresses and strains of the job may contribute to causing various chronic health conditions over the course of years or decades.

Fortunately, virtually every assembly line worker in Kentucky should have access to workers’ compensation benefits through their employer in the event they get hurt on the job, and assistance is available from a qualified workers’ comp attorney for anyone who wants to pursue such a claim. Time is of the essence in situations like this, so if you were injured by any means while performing work-related tasks, contacting a Florence assembly line injury lawyer should be your top priority.

Common Causes and Effects of Assembly Line Accidents

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of potentially hazardous working conditions on the average assembly line. That even applies in facilities where every employee follows on-site rules, wears appropriate protective equipment, and carefully performs their assigned tasks with an eye for the safety of others around them. Some particularly common sources of injuries that Florence assembly line injury attorneys can help with include:

  • Machine malfunctions from manufacturing defects or subpar maintenance
  • Lack of appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Getting fingers or limbs trapped in conveyors and other moving parts of heavy machinery
  • Fires and/or chemical exposure
  • Impacts from falling objects
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Suffocation in confined spaces

Incidents of this nature sometimes only cause minor injuries like lacerations, puncture wounds, minor burns, bone fractures, and soft tissue injuries that will heal completely with proper treatment and time. Other assembly line injuries have more permanent consequences, ranging from loss of sensory or motor function due to nerve damage or spinal cord trauma, to limb amputation caused by crushing injuries.

Pursuing Restitution Through a Workers’ Comp Claim

Regardless of exactly how an accident on an assembly line occurs, any worker injured as a direct result should have grounds to seek compensation through their employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. This occurs so long as their injury was related to their performance of work-related tasks and did not result from horseplay or gross negligence on the worker’s part. In cases involving minor injuries, workers’ compensation should cover all ensuing expenses for necessary medical treatment, as well as partial reimbursement for lost wages during time missed from work.

In more serious situations, long-term partial or total disability benefits may be available based on an injured worker’s average weekly wage prior to getting hurt, as well as other benefits like job retraining classes if an injury permanently prevents a worker from returning to their old position. An assembly line accident lawyer in Florence can clarify what benefits might be available in a specific case during a confidential consultation.

Speak with a Florence Assembly Line Injury Attorney About Legal Options

Getting hurt on an assembly line can have numerous repercussions in both your professional and personal life, particularly if your injuries will last for years after the incident. Without guidance from a legal professional who has helped other workers like you through similar situations before, you could be stuck paying for medical bills and dealing with other losses that your employer should be responsible for under the law.

A Florence assembly line injury lawyer can be an invaluable ally from start to finish of your workers’ comp claim. Call today to learn more.

Busald Funk Zevely PSC

Busald Funk Zevely PSC