The first recorded auto accident on record occurred in 1891 in Ohio; James Lambert’s car hit a tree root in the road, sending it careening into a nearby hitching post. Lambert’s injuries were minor—a good thing for the rest of us as he went on to patent over six hundred inventions, primarily related to the auto industry. Although major vehicle safety improvements have taken place since 1891, the number of vehicles on the highways has also risen dramatically—there were 263.6 million registered passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles and buses in the United States in 2015. Today’s statistics say that most of us will be involved in at least 3-4 car accidents in our lifetime, with one of those being a potentially serious auto accident with injuries.A damaged car that has been in an accident

The one thing those who have been involved in an auto accident need is someone who is solidly in their corner—someone who has the skills and experience necessary to deal with the myriad of issues which much be dealt with. Our Florence car accident lawyers do just that for each and every client. Our personal injury attorneys have a deep understanding of the trauma which can result after an auto accident, particularly when the injuries are severe—we truly care about the futures of our clients.

What Are the Causes of Auto Accidents?

Driver error is considered to be the primary cause of auto accidents, including such things as passing unsafely, exceeding the speed limit, failure to yield, running stop signs or stop lights or tailgating other drivers. Most drivers know better than to engage in such behaviors, but may do so anyhow. Distracted driving is quickly moving up the list, potentially even being the single most common factor in auto accidents.

We live in a crazy-busy world, and therefore may engage in multi-tasking while behind the wheel. We eat, change radio stations, set our GPS devices, scold the children, turn around to see what’s happening in the back seat, visit with other passengers, talk on our cell phones, text and daydream when we should be concentrating on one thing—driving. Anything which takes our attention away from driving can lead to an accident with potentially serious consequences.

Impaired drivers are a factor in auto accidents—while the statistics vary, between 15 and 30 percent of all auto accidents may be caused by an impaired driver, despite the fact that most states, including Kentucky, have cracked down on drunk driving with enhanced penalties. Weather conditions are another factor in auto accidents; drivers may have their vision inhibited by rain, fog or snow, or the roadways may be icy or slick. Design flaws in roads or intersections can cause accidents as can trees or bushes which have been allowed to grow into the road, obscuring drivers’ vision.

Animals in the road may be a factor in auto accidents, depending on where the driver lives. Finally, driver fatigue factors into auto accidents, accounting for over 100,000 accidents per year. Car crash lawyers in Florence have the necessary knowledge to fight for the compensation you deserve, whether the other driver was distracted, careless, fatigued, impaired or reckless.

Catastrophic Auto Accidents

Serious car accidents can leave those involved in the accident with injuries which change their lives forever. Permanent disabilities can result from serious car collisions, affecting more than just the victim by putting entire families under stress. Those who suffer catastrophic injuries, such as brain trauma and spinal cord injuries, may end up needing constant supervision or assistance, and can be in for a lifetime of surgeries, rehabilitation and a never-ending stream of medical expenses. It is imperative that a person speak with a Florence car wreck attorney in order to get this necessary compensation.

In other words, the physical, financial and emotional toll of a catastrophic auto accident can devastate both victims and their families. In such cases, time can be extremely short for the victim. Evidence gets lost or disappears, witnesses move on or their memories become less clear. The negligence or carelessness of another driver could leave victims with huge medical expenses as well as the fact that victims may be unable to work meaning there is no money coming in.

Even those who have health insurance rarely have enough to fully cover medical expenses resulting from a serious accident, and will be responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses while the case is pending. The driver who is at fault for the accident may not have sufficient levels of insurance which will fully cover the totality of the injuries and damages.

Get Help from a Florence Car Accident Attorney

In order for victims of these devastating auto accidents to receive full and fair financial recovery, it is essential that they consult experienced Florence car accident lawyers from Busald Funk Zevely to ensure their rights are protected every step of the way. Our attorneys will begin investigating the details of your auto accident immediately so that critical evidence is properly preserved. We will also ensure your injuries are evaluated by the best physicians available, and that all your health concerns are fully addressed. For those who have suffered injuries following an auto accident, we can help. Call us today.

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