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Parking Offenses

Kentucky parking offenses can often cause a headache. At Busald Funk Zevely, we want to simplify things for you and provide you with the information you need. If you have any additional questions about the listed information, contact one of our traffic violation attorneys today.

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FineCourt CostsPoints AssessedPotential Immediate License SuspensionPotential Jail TimeOffense Level
Improper Parking Violations$20 –$100. KRS 189.993(12)$1430NoNoViolation
Improper Parking Fire lane / Block Traveled Portion of Highway$20 –$100. KRS 189.990(1)$1430NoNoViolation
Permit Motor Vehicle to Run Unattended$20 –$100. KRS 189.990(1)$1430NoNoViolation
Unauthorized Parking in a Handicapped Zone$250. KRS 189.990(29)$1430NoNoViolation
Abandonment of Vehicle on Public Road$35 –$100. KRS 189.990(18)$1430No30 days. KRS 189.990(18)Class B Misdemeanor

For more information regarding traffic violation fines, court costs, license suspensions, jail time, and offense level, please view the following pages:

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