For most workers who perform manual labor as a daily part of their job, and even for many who do not, injuries to the neck, back, or spine can have a devastating impact on their ability to earn income. Even in less severe cases, these kinds of injuries can often take several months to heal, while more severe occurrences have the potential to cause permanent harm that prematurely ends someone’s working career.

Given how serious the repercussions of injuries like this can be, seeking comprehensive recovery with the help of a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney could be crucial to preserving your future prospects if you suffered harm at work. A Florence workplace back injury lawyer could guide you step by step through the claim filing process and work tirelessly to ensure you get all the compensation you deserve.

Common Back Injuries for Workers in Florence

Back injuries are particularly common among workers whose usual tasks require repetitive motions like lifting, pulling, or pushing. This includes warehouse workers and individuals who work in industrial environments. However, lifting even one heavy object awkwardly or having unhealthy posture could cause a similar injury in a simple office environment, which could justify a workers’ comp claim just as much as an injury in any other environment.

Even minor injuries like strains and sprains in the muscles around the spine can seriously impede a worker’s ability to perform job-related tasks. This is especially true if they try to work through a mild discomfort and end up making the injury’s long-term impact worse. More serious back injuries that a Florence workplace back injury attorney could help file a claim over include:

  • Damage to the sciatic nerve in the lower back, known as sciatica
  • Fractures to the vertebrae of the spine
  • Herniated or “slipped” discs
  • Pinched nerves, or “spinal stenosis”
  • Spinal cord damage, especially injuries that cause partial or total paralysis

Any of these injuries could warrant a workers’ comp claim if the injury occurred while the employee was performing their job.

Filing a Comprehensive Workers’ Comp Claim

While workers’ comp claimants do not need to prove that an individual or company was at fault for their injuries in order to recover financially, they still must follow several complex procedures regarding reporting their injuries and documenting the impact they have on their life. A workplace back injury lawyer in Florence can provide crucial help in this regard, since a lack of medical documentation or a delayed report could complicate any workers’ compensation case.

A successful workers’ comp claim should allow recovery for all reasonable medical expenses and transportation costs for treatment of the injury. It might also possibly include temporary or permanent disability benefits equivalent to two-thirds of weekly average wages for time missed at work. These benefits are often available in cases involving injuries to the back or spine, because even minor damage to this area of the body can take months to heal completely.

Seek Help from a Florence Workplace Back Injury Attorney

If you sustained any physical damage to your spine or back in a work-related incident, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance could play a crucial role in helping you during this difficult time. Furthermore, if your back injury will leave permanent impairment, then seeking compensation through a workers’ compensation claim may be critically important to preserving a sustainable standard of living.

A Florence workplace back injury lawyer could provide valuable guidance and support in either situation, diligently representing your interests and protecting your rights in the claims process from start to finish. We have decades of experience in this area of the law, so schedule your initial consultation today.

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