When someone sustains serious harm while on the job, they could be put in a precarious financial situation. The purpose of workers’ compensation in Florence is to ensure that the injured person is taken care of both medically and financially while they recover. If the insurance company is making this difficult, a committed workers’ comp attorney can help you fight back and receive all of the benefits owed to you.

What Benefits Are Available?

The most common workers’ compensation benefits are medical expenses to treat the injuries, as well as lost wage reimbursement. If the person is going to be out of work for a long period of time, the benefits are there to supplement those lost wages. There are also some other benefits such as vocational rehabilitation or vocational retraining, if necessary. These benefits are the primary purpose of workers’ compensation in Florence.

The Risk of Handling the Claim Alone

When someone has a major issue in their life – whether it is a domestic dispute, a criminal issue, or a personal injury loss – it is complex and risky to tackle it alone. There is another party on the other side that is not looking out for the injured worker’s best interest, so it would be a mistake to not consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

Workers’ comp benefits are often paid out automatically, so a person might not see the point in contacting an attorney since the benefits are statutory. But this can be a dangerous conclusion to make, since there are other longer-term issues that need to be addressed and which do not happen automatically. There might be future treatment or the injury might be severe enough that it affects their ability to work.

The longer an injured worker takes to address those issues, the more difficult it can be to secure those benefits. That is why they should find a lawyer as soon as possible so they can have a plan, understand what the claim looks like moving forward, and learn all of the benefits they might be eligible to receive.

How Does Workers’ Comp Address Current Needs?

In the beginning stages of a case, a lawyer lays out all of the immediate, intermediate, and long-term issues that might arise. The most important short-term issue is the severity of the injury, and access to the best and quickest treatment possible. A lawyer can help locate a doctor for the injured worker. Once the initial treatment has occurred, it is time to discuss the impact that it will have on their life, including how long they will be out of work and what type of financial planning they need to make. These questions will take time to sort out, but our attorneys are available at any time of day to answer questions or address concerns.

How Does Workers’ Comp Address Future Needs?

Many injured workers are worried about their future after suffering an injury, especially if they cannot go back to their old job. While it is impossible to tell what the future holds, a lawyer can consult with them about planning for the future and having the necessary financial compensation to be safe.

When they choose a different career path, or when their claim ends and they are able to determine what kind of work they are able to do, they will have the time and financial security to determine what their future will look like. Depending on the injury suffered – such as paralysis or a brain injury – staying in the same field might become a major challenge.

Injured workers might have to relearn a new skill, go back to school, or go a different direction with their career. Our legal team can secure maximum benefits which gives them the security to know they have got the ability to make the best decisions moving forward.

Speak to a Florence Attorney About the Purpose of Workers’ Compensation

If you call the office of Busald, Funk, and Zevely regarding an injury that happened at work, you can expect to speak with a group of people that are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in handling these types of claims. We have worked claims against nearly every insurance company that operates in Kentucky and we understand how employers attempt to devalue or deny claims.

Our principal focus is ensuring that you receive all the benefits you are entitled to, so that you can best protect yourself and your family during this difficult time. Learn more about the purpose of workers’ compensation in Florence.

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Busald Funk Zevely PSC