It is a common misconception that motorcyclists are unsafe drivers on the road. Most motorcycle riders take all necessary precautions to ensure they follow the law. However, when a car, truck, or other automobile crashes into a motorcycle, the resulting damage can be intense. Motorcycle drivers are incredibly vulnerable, with almost no protection from the trauma that follows.

If another driver caused you to get in a motorcycle accident, they could be responsible for the damages that you incur. In order to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for your losses, it is critical that you have a Florence motorcycle accident lawyer by your side. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can aggressively pursue a positive outcome in this case so that you do not have to bear the economic cost of someone else’s negligence.

Expenses from Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle crashes cost riders in the country billions of dollars per year. There are direct emergency service costs, medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and so on. A motorcycle collision attorney in Florence can help fight for a fair settlement to cover these costs. Some of the expenses that might be available to you include:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Ambulance and emergency room bills
  • The cost of long-term care, if necessary
  • Compensation for loss of income
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy costs

A number of non-economic damages might also be available, such as emotional trauma or loss of enjoyment of life. Speaking with a lawyer will help clarify if these damages are possible in your lawsuit.

Litigating Motorcycle Crashes in Florence

Since a collision with a car might be severe enough that you are in too much pain or otherwise not in any condition to manage a complex process like a lawsuit, it is wise to allow a Florence motorcycle crash lawyer to deal with the insurance companies and other communications on your behalf. We can investigate all aspects of the situation to determine whether or not you bear any fault, and how best to get you all necessary compensation. Some common causes of a motorcycle accident may include:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Aggressive or reckless driving
  • Failing to yield
  • Driving under the influence
  • Unexpected lane changes
  • Opening the car door suddenly and without warning
  • Driving while distracted, such as texting, eating, or talking on the phone

We will search for all possible forms of evidence that add credence to one of these causes. That includes anything from photos and video evidence, to police and medical reports, to eyewitness testimony.

Statute of Limitations

Kentucky Revised Statutes § 304.39-230 says that personal injury claims after a motorcycle accident have a strict time limit to be filed or else you are barred from compensation. The time in which a person must file their lawsuit after an accident is two years. It is crucial that you contact a motorcycle crash lawyer in Florence right away to begin working on the case in order to prevent this statute of limitations from running out.

Seek Assistance from a Florence Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Every accident is unique and a qualified Florence motorcycle accident lawyer could review your case to find the best plan of action to pay for your losses. We can help you navigate the complicated legal process and communicate on your behalf. Call now to learn how we can put our decades of experience to use for you.

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