Law enforcement professionals serve and protect us, and they deserve our utmost respect. However, it can be quite unsettling and even frightening when the police are behind you with flashing blue lights. Their blue lights and sirens often indicate that perhaps you have committed a traffic violation or for some reason it appears that way to the police. The majority of time when drivers are stopped by the police, the result is a traffic citation, or ticket.

As a committed defense attorney can explain, a common misconception is that drivers only get traffic tickets because they were speeding. In reality, traffic tickets are issued for other types of moving and non-moving violations as well as other driving-related offenses. Examples of those other traffic violations include disregarding a traffic control device, texting and driving, improper passing, improper lane changes, reckless driving and failure to wear a seatbelt.

Regardless of whether you believe you should have been issued a traffic ticket, how you handle the traffic ticket is extremely important. A Florence traffic lawyer can assist you with this.

Most importantly, do not ignore your traffic ticket. If you do, a Judge will issue an order to suspend your driver’s license. Even though it seems the easiest way to resolve your traffic ticket is to pay it, you need to understand the consequences of pre-paying your traffic ticket such as points against your driver’s license and increased insurance premiums. In addition, if you receive and are convicted of multiple traffic tickets, you could put your driver’s license at risk and possibly face a suspension of your driver’s license because of the accumulation of too many points against it.  At all cost, you want to avoid a suspension of your driver’s license.  A suspension could put your family, your job, and your education at risk.

Common Traffic Ticket Questions

How do you know whether you should pay your ticket or fight your ticket?

It is up to the person who received the citation to decide how to handle his or her traffic ticket.  This is where the Florence traffic ticket attorneys at Busald Funk Zevely can help. Our traffic ticket attorneys can help people throughout Kentucky decide how to handle their traffic tickets.  We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the circumstances, explain the options, and give the best advice available on how to proceed. Please do not hesitate to call Busald Funk Zevely.  One of our traffic ticket attorneys will help you determine the best way to handle your traffic ticket, either paying your ticket, getting you referred to state traffic school or the county attorney’s traffic school or fighting the ticket.

When do I need an attorney for my traffic ticket?

One of the most frequently asked question of our traffic ticket attorneys is “Do I need your help?”

We are here to help you. Please feel free to call our office and discuss your traffic ticket. Even if you end up not needing our help, we can help you understand the process and how to get through the process.

Can I receive a ticket for the same offense multiple times?

Yes. If you receive a traffic ticket for improper equipment such as a defective headlight and you do not fix the headlight, you could be given another traffic ticket for the same offense. In Kentucky, a traffic ticket can be issued each and every time you are caught driving a vehicle with a violation.

Should I pay the ticket by mail or in person?

If you decide after speaking to us and discussing all of your options with our traffic ticket attorneys to pay your traffic ticket, know that you should mail the ticket, some do get lost, receipt mail to insure the ticket is paid if you are not paying the ticket in person. Some clerk’s office allow you to pay your traffic ticket by credit card or debit card over the phone or internet thereby insuring you have a receipt to verify payment, if necessary.

Please feel free to call one of our traffic attorneys in Florence to help you make the best decision how to handle your traffic ticket as cost effectively as possible. The following charts list common Kentucky traffic offenses by category:

  • Speeding Offenses
  • Moving Offenses
  • Driver’s License, Registration, or Insurance Offenses
  • Vehicle Equipment Offenses
  • Seat Belt, Child Restraint, and Open Container Offenses
  • Parking Offenses

Learn How a Florence Traffic Attorney Can Help

Because our traffic ticket attorneys have many years of experience with all types of traffic tickets and other moving and non-moving violations, our attorneys can help figure out what steps you should take next. Whether you think you did or did not deserve to be issued the traffic ticket, it never hurts to call our traffic ticket attorneys to help figure out what to do next.

Our traffic ticket attorneys can help figure out court dates, times, locations of the hearing and answer any questions you may have about your traffic ticket. We are often requested by our clients to get a continuance of the court date so our clients can fully discuss the consequences of their traffic ticket with our traffic ticket attorneys. It is extremely important to contact one of our Florence traffic ticket attorneys and request our help if you are a habitual traffic offender or have a commercial driver’s license.

Our experienced attorneys at Busald Funk Zevely, P.S.C. represent people charged with traffic violations every day and can help you obtain the outcome you deserve. To learn more about specific penalties for moving violations, speeding offenses, driver’s license offenses, vehicle equipment offenses, seat belt violations, open container offenses, and parking violations, consult one of our attorneys today.

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