Many parents disagree over how to raise their children during a divorce, and this can lead to court battles over who determines the daily lives of their children. When you are a parent who wants to protect your rights, you may struggle with planning and preparing for these situations, which is where an experienced attorney can help.

A Devon family lawyer could help resolve disputes in a variety of ways, such as helping parents use court appointed mediators, helping a parent plan a course of action that will promote their child’s best interests, and fighting hard for the best result for their client.

Rules About Child Support and Divorce Decrees

Appearing in family court for matters like divorce, paternity, or child custody requires expertise and special knowledge of Kentucky’s laws. For example, Kentucky does not factor in remarriage or the income of a new spouse in requests to change child support.

Kentucky law also states the court’s decision on a decree of divorce cannot be modified for two years after the court has entered the decree. Certain circumstances overcome the two-year wait, including risks to the child’s mental or physical health. To modify a decree, the court will ask for a showing of substantial change to circumstances. For example, remarriage will not be considered in requests to change support, but changes to income or parenting abilities will. A family lawyer in Devon could explain when changes are possible.

Divorce and Child Custody Decisions Can Be Confusing

When parents cannot agree on how the rights and obligations of parenting should be shared, the family court will make these decisions. After identifying the child’s needs, the court will decide where they will live, how decisions about their day-to-day lives will be made and by whom, and even who may spend time with the children, like grandparents. The court will decide how time with the child is shared, called parenting time or physical custody, and how legal decisions, or legal custody, will be made.

When an area borders more than one state, there can be confusion over the divorce process and the best interests of the children, particularly when a spouse and their ex live in different states in an interstate divorce. A family attorney in Devon could ensure your rights are protected at each stage of a legal process and provide comprehensive advice on family law matters, including interstate issues.

Call a Family Attorney in Devon to Protect Your Interests

For many parents, the disagreements over childcare can deepen into a divide that may feel impossible to navigate on their own. The attorneys at BFZ Law use our decades of experience to fight hard for our clients through custody and support disagreements. When you need an ally in a custody fight or need assistance modifying a decree, contact a Devon family lawyer from our firm who could help you get the best results.

Busald Funk Zevely PSC

Busald Funk Zevely PSC