Many people feel lost when their marriage dissolves or they face a concern over the care of their children, and the process for obtaining custody, spousal support, or visitation of their child can be confusing. It is hard enough to navigate one state or commonwealth’s laws, and since legal cases that cross state borders can add to these worries, you should seek assistance from a seasoned lawyer at BFZ Law.

When you cannot go it alone in court, the choice of who you turn to is vital. An Elsmere family lawyer with decades of experience in both Kentucky and Ohio could help you with family law issues, including divorce, property distribution, parental rights, grandparent rights, and interstate domestic relations issues.

Family Law and Domestic Relations Call for Special Expertise

Thirty years ago, Kentucky led the nation by creating the first court dedicated to hearing domestic relations cases. Since then, family law matters have become more specialized, including special rules to protect the privacy of families and children.

Appearing before a court for matters such as divorce, paternity, or child custody requires expertise beyond basic courtroom skills. It also requires special knowledge of Kentucky’s laws. For example, unlike other jurisdictions, Kentucky does not factor in remarriage or the income of a new spouse in requests to change support.

Often, what may seem like a single issue of domestic relations, like child custody, can turn into something more complicated. Small issues can widen to include issues of child support and visitation, including grandparent visitation.

To avoid losing ground in court, it is best to work with an attorney who could ensure your rights are protected at each stage of a legal matter. Attorneys in Elsmere could provide comprehensive advice on family law matters. They also may assist clients with completing specialized forms such as the Notice of Relocation and Parenting Conduct Order, as well as reviewing any legal agreements.

Family Lawyers Could Help Parents With a Wide Variety of Issues

As a special area of law, family lawyers could help their clients with many concerns. For example, divorce is the legal ending of a marriage, but it could also include property distribution, alimony, and child custody. Questions about how much of a married couple’s total assets, including the house, vehicles, and retirement accounts a client is entitled to involve property distribution, a separate aspect of a divorce from other topics. A family lawyer in Elsmere could make sure a client receives an adequate amount of money to put them on their feet after a divorce involving alimony.

Handling child custody and addressing child support may seem to be the same issue, but a family lawyer could help a parent understand how legal custody differs from physical custody. Physical custody refers to the actual care and housing of a child, and legal custody refers to the rights and responsibilities to make decisions for the child’s welfare, such as discipline and schooling. Child custody sometimes raises issues of parental rights, especially when a parenting agreement has been entered.

In cities that border one or more states, a lawyer could explain how courts in different states will handle the same question. When one parent moves across state lines after child custody orders have been entered, there will be interstate custody issues. Even visiting grandparents in a different state without the other parent’s knowledge can create problems in court.

Find a Family Attorney in Elsmere Who Will Fight for You

It is critical to get the process of advocating for your rights in family court in Kentucky correct. It can also be overwhelming. Family law matters such as divorce or child custody can be a lonely road. You do not have to navigate it alone. An Elsmere family lawyer with decades of experience could use their proficiency in family law to achieve optimal results. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

Busald Funk Zevely PSC

Busald Funk Zevely PSC