Even when the decision to end a marriage is mutual, the legalities involved can be more than a couple can handle alone. The process can be even more complex when children are involved. Many amicable couples find themselves surrounded by terms and phrases they are not sure they understand, such as joint versus legal custody.

Facing a tentative future and with temporary housing plans, the uncertainty of a divorce process may be unbearable. These common worries about the complexity of the process do not have to be overwhelming. A Richwood family lawyer could help explain the process so that families get the best results. Contact our firm today to discuss your case with one of our knowledgeable legal professionals.

An Experienced Lawyer Could Decrease Confusion

A Richwood family attorney could help a couple understand the various legal procedures and processes that may apply to their case. For example, a divorce is simply the legal ending of a marriage. But it can also include property distribution, alimony, and child custody and support. Questions about each spouse’s entitlement to marital assets—including the house, vehicles, and retirement accounts—involve property distribution, a distinct aspect of divorce. Alimony ensures one spouse receives sufficient financial support for a transitional period post-divorce, another often highly disputed aspect of divorce.

When a marriage dissolves, no matter how long it lasted, child custody is often the most contentious issue. In the court system, child custody refers to the rights of the parents towards their children. It also involves the obligations parents owe to their children. A seasoned lawyer could help a parent understand these legal issues and terms. Make no mistake, though: Not all custody is the same. When courts use the term physical custody, they mean the location of the child and the parent’s time spent with them. Legal custody, on the other hand, is used to discuss the parent’s rights to make decisions about the child’s education, health, and welfare.

Avoid Making Major Mistakes by Relying on Guidance From a Legal Professional

Child support and spousal support are vital aspects of dissolving a marriage. Child support is sometimes influenced by the amount of physical custody. While child support is not influenced by a decision on fault in a Kentucky divorce, spousal support (also called alimony) sometimes is.

Furthermore, decisions about child or spousal support can be difficult to change once the court approves them. For example, Kentucky Revised Statutes § 403.340 disallows modifications to custody orders within two years of when they began unless there is a serious threat to a child’s health.

Families with custody across state lines are sometimes called interstate divorces. Misunderstanding which law to apply in custody cases can lead to major mistakes. A Richwood lawyer experienced in family law could help prevent these common problems.

Get the Best Results With Help from a Richwood Family Attorney

Even a mutual and amicable divorce can still raise many potential issues over custody and support. The legal terms and intricate details of interstate divorce can add complexity and confusion. An attorney with decades of experience could help reduce uncertainty, protect your rights before problems arise, and, when needed, aggressively advocate for you so that you can get the best results. Let a Richwood family lawyer fight for your rights. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Busald Funk Zevely PSC

Busald Funk Zevely PSC