Deciding to end your marriage can be hard enough on its own, but the various legal and procedural complexities involved in actually executing a divorce can be even harder to get through. Even if you agree with your partner that separating is the right move, there are still plenty of matters you will need to resolve before a judge will sign off on your divorce decree.

Retaining and working with a Florence divorce lawyer could be crucial to fulfilling all the legal requirements for your divorce and effectively advocating for your own best interests during legal proceedings. If you want to preserve your rights and efficiently seek a positive outcome to your case, advice and support from a qualified family attorney may be necessary.

How State Law Governs Divorce Proceedings

Like most other states, Kentucky no longer requires a married couple to establish fault-based reasons for the dissolution of their marriage. Instead, as per Kentucky Revised Statutes § 403.170, it is only necessary for at least one party to a marriage to believe that the marriage has suffered an “irretrievable breakdown” and that there is no reasonable chance that the divide between spouses can be reconciled.

However, there are still some additional prerequisite conditions that must be met before someone can seek a divorce in the state of Kentucky. For instance, under K.R.S. § 403.140, at least one spouse must have lived in Kentucky for a minimum of 180 consecutive days prior to filing for divorce in order for their petition to proceed.

Additionally, if a marriage produced children who are still minors at the time that divorce proceedings begin, courts generally require the parents to remain physically separated for at least 60 days before formally dissolving their marriage. A Florence divorce attorney could go over these and other requirements in greater detail as it applies to a particular case.

What Could Legal Counsel Do to Help?

When someone retains legal counsel to help them during the divorce process, that attorney’s role extends far beyond just making sure that everyone follows the right procedural steps. Divorces are complicated and involve a number of difficult discussions for the parties involved, all of which must be resolved before a judge will recognize their separation.

A divorce lawyer in Florence could advocate for the best interests of one party to a divorce during the property division process, including the splitting of marital debts. Additionally, legal counsel could work on one party’s behalf to protect their rights and negotiate for a favorable resolution during child custody hearings, as well as during spousal support and/or child support determinations. Finally, if necessary, an attorney could seek a modification to an existing divorce decree or related court order based on a dramatic change in one party’s circumstances after the divorce is finalized.

Learn More by Calling a Florence Divorce Attorney Today

Divorce can be a stressful process regardless of the circumstances leading up to it. This is true even if you and your spouse are on the same page about certain issues related to it. That being said, trying to represent your own best interests during this process will increase your stress level, while also potentially leading to unsatisfactory terms in your final divorce decree.

Seeking representation from a Florence divorce lawyer should be a priority as soon as possible after deciding you would like to dissolve your marriage. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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I highly recommend him as an attorney for anyone who may have to go through this.

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