Thousands of Kentucky residents make their living working inside warehouses or as part of the warehousing industry, whether it is through Amazon or any number of similar companies. Unfortunately, despite how crucial they have become to the modern economy, warehouses can still be dangerous places to work in, and accidents resulting in significant injuries are all too common.

If you are employed in a warehouse in any capacity, you are likely covered by a policy that a skilled workers’ compensation attorney could help you take advantage of. Warehouse injuries often make for uniquely complex workers’ comp claims, so retaining a Florence warehouse injury lawyer could be key to preserving your best interests in this kind of situation.

Workers’ Comp Coverage for Warehouse Workers

According to Kentucky Revised Statutes § 342.630, every employer in the state who has at least one part-time or full-time employee, and does not solely perform agricultural work, is required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance coverage. This means that every warehouse worker in Florence who meets the definition of “employee” outlined in K.R.S. § 342.640—which applies to virtually all warehouse workers in one way or another—should have the right to seek workers’ comp benefits following a workplace injury.

Importantly, there are no limitations on what types of job-related injuries may qualify someone for financial recovery through workers’ comp. Everything from accidents with heavy machinery, to heavy and/or repetitive lifting injuries, to falling accidents, to chronic injuries or illnesses caused by long-term exposure to hazardous working conditions could potentially justify a claim.

However, injured warehouse workers must proceed with workers’ comp claims in concert with the party who directly employs them. Since companies like Amazon often retain workers through temp agencies and other third parties, this can make the filing process more complicated for warehouse workers than it might be in other situations. A Florence warehouse injury attorney could provide crucial assistance with each step of the filing process and work on an injured worker’s behalf to maximize the compensation available to them.

What Benefits Could Be Available?

The benefits available to someone who suffered a warehouse workplace injury will vary depending on the severity of the harm they sustained, as well as the extent to which it will impact their ability to perform their job. On a basic level, all comprehensive workers’ comp claims should cover an injured worker’s reasonable medical expenses. Most will allow recovery for temporary total disability benefits (generally two-thirds of average weekly wages) during the days or weeks of work that an employee misses while recovering from their injuries.

In more extreme situations, permanent partial or total disability benefits may be available if an accidental injury or a long-term condition stemming from working conditions permanently inhibits a worker’s ability to hold gainful employment. A warehouse injury lawyer in Florence could provide further guidance about potentially recoverable losses during a private consultation.

Speak with a Florence Warehouse Injury Attorney Today

If you got hurt while performing warehouse work, you could potentially recover for many of your injury-related losses through a workers’ compensation case. This is true whether you were out on the floor or inside an office when the injury occurred. However, making the most of this sort of claim can be challenging without guidance from a legal professional who has helped workers like you through similar situations in the past.

A Florence warehouse injury lawyer could be the ally you need to achieve a positive resolution to your unfortunate situation. Call today to learn more.

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