While hard work is considered a virtue in many companies and by plenty of the people who work for those companies, employers pushing employees beyond what their bodies can physically handle is anything but virtuous. If your working conditions have left you with chronic pain or any long-term physical condition that interferes with your professional and personal life, you may have grounds for a workers’ compensation case.

Workers’ comp claims regarding injuries caused by overexertion tend to be significantly more complicated than those based on injuries from accidents, which is why assistance from a knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney can be especially crucial in situations like this. By retaining a Florence overexertion injury lawyer, you could have a better chance of securing the compensation you deserve.

Connecting an Overexertion Injury to Work-Related Tasks

With limited exceptions for certain workers in specific industries, every company in Kentucky that has one or more employees must provide workers’ compensation insurance to all their employees that kicks in following a workplace injury or illness. However, these benefits are meant specifically for injuries that are “work-related,” meaning those that stem directly from some accident or hazardous condition an employee experienced while performing job-related tasks.

Overexertion injuries typically meet the literal definition of a “work-related injury,” as they stem from repetitive motions or unreasonable strain that a worker went through over the course of their employment. That said, proving a connection between specific working conditions and an overexertion injury can be complicated, particularly since these injuries often do not manifest for months or years after the injured employee started the job which ended up harming them.

In cases like this, it can be crucial to submit as much medical documentation as possible with an initial claim, establishing not only how severe a claimant’s condition is but also tracking how it developed over time and, ideally, tracing it back to a specific working condition. A Florence overexertion injury attorney can provide invaluable assistance in this regard, as well as with soliciting professional medical opinions and witness testimonies that support a claimant’s case.

What Benefits Could Be Available?

Chronic injuries caused by overexertion can be expensive to treat, often requiring prolonged physical therapy, multiple prescription medications, and sometimes even corrective surgery. Even worse, the best medical treatment possible is not always enough to overcome the disabling nature of some overexertion injuries. This means that impacted workers may never be able to work their previous job—or any job at all—ever again.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits may include reimbursement for necessary medical expenses that come from a work-related injury, as well as wage reimbursement in the form of temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, or total permanent disability benefits as dictated by the circumstances. An experienced lawyer can go into further detail during an initial consultation about what could be factored into a particular overexertion injury claim in Florence.

Discuss Filing Options with a Florence Overexertion Injury Attorney

While there are standardized procedures for filing a workers’ comp claim in Florence, there is no one-size-fits-all way to effectively convince your employer and their insurance company to provide all of the benefits you deserve under the law. Even if you have extensive evidence supporting your claim, turning that information into a positive final outcome can be incredibly difficult without guidance from a capable legal professional.

The help you may need is available from a dedicated and experienced Florence overexertion injury lawyer. Call today to schedule a meeting.

Busald Funk Zevely PSC

Busald Funk Zevely PSC