All trucks have the potential to cause serious harm to another vehicle because of its size. However, when a truck is carrying more cargo than is legally allowed, it becomes even more difficult to handle and frequently leads to a turnover-type crash. Overweight/overloaded truck accidents in Florence are all too common and often result in serious injuries. An experienced truck accident attorney will file a claim on your behalf, preserve any necessary evidence, interview witnesses, engage accident reconstruction experts, and negotiate a successful settlement with the at-fault insurance company. BFZ will handle everything on your behalf so you can focus on getting the necessary medical treatment.

What is the Maximum Weight That Trucks Must Cannot Surpass?

The maximum weight for a semi-truck with a loaded trailer in the United States is 80,000 pounds. This is a federal mandate that all drivers and trucking companies across the country must adhere to. Just because a truck meets the acceptable weight while it is empty does not mean that it can then take on as much weight as the company wants. The 80,000-pound limit includes the cargo that it is carrying, so all parties must be careful, even if that means they need to weigh the vehicle multiple times in a day. Overloaded truck crashes in Florence can result in catastrophic injuries. BFZ’s experienced truck attorneys will fully investigate these issues on your behalf.

How to Keep Trucks at an Acceptable Weight

Many trucking companies take safety very seriously. Unfortunately, there are many that do not. Instead, they prioritize profits over safety. There are weigh stations along the roads in Kentucky where a trucker has to stop to ensure that their vehicle has an acceptable weight, but this requires an experienced driver to properly plan their trip prior to departure. The driver needs to know the weight of the tractor and trailer when it is not loaded so they can determine whether the truck is overloaded.

How and Why Trucks Might Exceed the Maximum Weight

One common trucking issue involves large trucks that pick up multiple loads on one trip, stopping at various locations to add cargo before their final destination. It is important the driver understands the weight of the vehicle before it is loaded, and the weight of each additional load that is being added as they go. If the driver underestimates the size of the load or does not have access to a weight station, crashes are more likely to occur.

When a truck is overweight or overloaded, the chances for a severe truck crash increase. One of the risks is the stress that additional weight puts on the tires. A truck can lose a tire as a result of the additional stress, resulting in major problems. Another risk factor for overweight loads is it takes longer to stop the vehicle. An experienced driver knows how to maintain an assured clear distance and allows for enough time to stop the vehicle. An overweight load will require a longer stopping distance and significantly increases the risks of significant crashes due to a truck’s inability to stop on time.

It is also possible that the shipper or the broker could be held liable. An attorney can explore alternate liability options for an overloaded truck accident in Florence.

Connect with a Florence Attorney After an Overweight/Overloaded Truck Accident

If you were injured due to negligence from a driver of an overloaded truck, you cannot fight the insurance company alone. Allow our team of experienced attorneys to help you. Allow BFZ to handle things on your behalf so you can focus on you and your family. Our highly skilled lawyers handle all of the critical aspects of your injury claim all the way through trial, if necessary. Contact our office for a free consultation.

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