The term “economic damages” refers to any type of loss that carries a specific dollar amount, which often includes medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Even though the damages can be labeled and quantified, they are not always easy to recover without help from an experienced truck accident attorney.

A lawyer from Busald Funk Zevely could help clients who need to recover economic damages after a Florence truck accident. We have decades of experience and will aggressively pursue all that you are owed.

Medical Expenses After a Truck Crash

Medical expenses fall into two categories. The first is past medical expenses, which are bills that have already been incurred and losses that have already been sustained. Past medical expenses must be “necessary and reasonable” expenses that may be recovered in a personal injury suit. Those damages are usually approved by the injured person’s treating physician or an expert if the treating physician is not capable of testifying.

The second category is future medical expenses, which are bills or medical expenses that are likely to occur in the future. Injured plaintiffs are entitled to recover the cost of future medical care related to the accident. A doctor or a physician must perform tests to verify the injuries are permanent and give testimony stating future treatment is required. A Florence lawyer can take statements from doctors to help an injured person’s case for economic damages after a truck collision.

Lost Wages

Lost wages occur any time the injured person misses work, cannot work at their usual capacity, or is unable to earn money in their business. For example, someone might be able to return to work but have light duty restrictions, such as no lifting, bending, and stooping, or their job may not offer light duty, meaning they cannot return to their position. As with medical expenses, a treating physician could testify as to what the injured person may or may not be able to do, and a lawyer could interview a client about their job requirements and wages.

An injured person’s ability to earn wages in the future is also considered when calculating damages. This is based on the amount of earning power, not the amount of money they were making, so a person who earns little or no money, such as a stay-at-home parent, could still receive damages. A lawyer with knowledge of economic damages after a Florence truck accident could show the court how the injured party has lost wages and their ability to work.

Contact a Lawyer to Pursue Economic Damages After a Florence Truck Accident

The unexpected medical bills that come after any accident can cause financial distress, especially when your injuries prevent you from working. Our firm will fight for you to recover as much money as possible to relieve your financial stress and allow you to focus on healing. Because the process of recovering economic damages after a Florence truck accident can be complicated, contact us to schedule a consultation once you have received proper medical treatment.

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