As a citizen of the United States, you have a constitutionally protected right to bear arms. This could mean keeping a gun to hunt, defend yourself, or protect your family. Although Kentucky has very loose gun laws, there are still harsh penalties for violations. Even if made mistakenly, you might face time in jail and permanently lose your right to own a weapon.

Having a seasoned criminal defense attorney on your side could help protect your ability to carry a weapon and keep you from facing permanent charges on your record. Call an experienced Erlanger gun lawyer who values your second amendment right to bear arms today.

Common Gun Charges in Erlanger

People commonly face several different types of firearm charges in the Erlanger area.

Illegal Possession

Although Kentucky law does not require most people to obtain a permit to possess a rifle, handgun, or shotgun, there are some exceptions. For example, individuals convicted of a felony or facing domestic violence charges are not permitted to possess a gun. In addition, certain weapons themselves are illegal, such as those that are armor-piercing.

Concealed Weapons Charges

While it is not required in all circumstances to have a permit to own a firearm, the law does regulate the possession of concealed weapons. A concealed weapon is commonly carried in public places but hidden from view. In this scenario, a person will need to obtain a permit and renew it every five years. However, the carrying of a concealed weapon in certain places, such as near schools, is strictly prohibited by the law, regardless of permit status.

Other Gun Law Violations

There are a handful of additional charges one could face related to firearms. These could include, but are not limited to, selling a weapon to a felon, destroying or changing a gun’s serial number, and the possession of a firearm by a minor.

A dedicated team of gun defense attorneys in Erlanger could help further explain the rules and regulations for firearms in Kentucky.

Potential Defense Strategies to Firearm Charges

In many weapons cases, the firearm is the most crucial piece of evidence that the prosecution has to use against the person facing charges. If an attorney could prove that the police performed an illegal search of the defendant’s premises or wrongfully seized the gun, he or she might be able to get a court to dismiss the charges.

The following scenarios can often be considered when analyzing a gun charge:

  • If the weapon was loaded or unloaded
  • Whether or not the gun was in working condition
  • What was the defendant’s purpose for carrying a gun – for self-defense or hunting purposes?
  • The location of the firearm
  • Was the defendant aware that the gun was on their person or property?

Well-practiced Erlanger lawyers understand how to contest weapons charges and could work diligently to help keep an individual from facing the most severe penalties, such as a prison sentence.

Work with an Erlanger Gun Attorney to Protect Your Freedoms

If you are facing weapons charges, you need experienced legal help. You could face fines, jail time, and permanently lose your constitutional right to bear arms. An Erlanger gun lawyer could help determine the best possible defense strategies to potentially avoid strict legal penalties.

Our legal team is dedicated to helping protect and restore the rights of local gun owners. Get in touch today.

Busald Funk Zevely PSC

Busald Funk Zevely PSC