My mother (88) and father (87) were injured in an automobile accident. Dad suffered a brain injury and mother had some localized trauma. Both went to the hospital. Mom was immediately released and Dad remained in ICU for two additional days. This accident was unquestionably the responsibility of the driver who hit them in the rear. After trying six months with no success to reach a reasonable settlement with the other drivers insurance, we took a recommendation from an attorney we knew and hired Andy. It took over a year to get everything resolved, but Andy did an excellent job. The settlement we received was more than we anticipated, but the service we received was outstanding. Andy kept us updated, but he also showed us that he really cared about helping Mom and Dad to understand everything as it occurred. I can't imagine finding an attorney who would have served us in a better way.

R.K., former client of Andy Busald

This law firm has a reputation for getting things done right. So when I was hurt in a car wreck I took my case to Busald Funk Zevely. My lawyer was always available to me and he took the time to answer all of my questions throughout the case. When it came time to settle, we did it quickly and got all of the benefits available. I am very satisfied and will recommend this firm to my family and friends.

C.N., former client of Bill Kathman

No one ever gets married thinking one day they will end up in divorce, but that is exactly where I found myself after 22 yrs. of marriage. My whole world as I knew it was about to change. For the first time in my life, I needed an attorney. Several of my friends and co-workers recommended Michael McMain with Busald Funk Zevely. From the moment I met Mike, I knew he was the attorney I wanted on my side.

At all times Mike was very professional, responsive and pleasant to work with. While my case seemed like a simple one to me, we did encounter some delays from opposing counsel which might have, in less capable hands, resulted in a negative outcome. It didn't take long to realize I had the best attorney. He always took the time to answer all of my questions and do his best to make this stressful time in my life manageable. If you are looking for an attorney that will go to battle for you and is not intimidated by opposing counsel, Michael McMain is your guy! I would highly recommend him to anyone. Remember, you're not just spending money on an attorney; you're investing in your future! With Mike as my attorney, my future is looking brighter and brighter each day!

K.U., former client of Mike McMain

Ryan Beck is an amazing attorney! It's always comforting to know you have someone in your corner looking out for the best interest of you and your child when settling out custody issues. He is a rockstar!

J.E., former client of Ryan Beck

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Greg Erpenbeck for his prompt, professional service in representing my husband and me when we were injured in an automobile collision. Each and every time we had questions or concerns, he responded with patience and much needed reassurance in a very timely manner. He allowed us to concentrate on getting well without the stress of wondering how to handle all the insurance paperwork associated with our case. Greg's knowledge of Kentucky law was essential in protecting our rights and reaching a settlement. Again, I can't thank you enough for all of your help and support during this difficult time in our lives.

T.F., former client of Greg Erpenbeck

Jonathan went above and beyond, not only providing excellent legal counsel, but also supportive like a friend. He provided individualized attention to my case and updates on a regular basis. Jonathan did so well on my first case, that I trusted him with another case without second thought. Jonathan is my go-to attorney from now on. He was also always quick and prompt in returning phone calls, messages, or emails.

Anonymous, former client of Jonathan Hart

After being involved in a vehicle collision while on vacation, I returned home injured and confused, not really knowing what to do. I contacted Andy Busald and immediately knew that I had done the right thing. Being injured in a collision leads to medical bills, insurance issues and all kinds of complexities you are not expecting. Andy's years of experience and solid expertise, along with all of the professional staff at Busald, Funk and Zevely, led me through the complicated mess that follows an incident like that. Andy made sure my medical bills were covered, all of my insurance issues were handled correctly and made sure I was compensated for the injuries I sustained. If you are involved in an incident like this, your first call should be to Andy Busald.

J.R., former client of Andy Busald

I have worked with Mike over the past 13 years on a divorce and the subsequent custody and financial matters. It is without question I recommend Mike as the lawyer you want to work with. He is respected by all within the court system and has great knowledge and experience to address all matters. I truly appreciate his communication, candor, direction and approach to all of the legal issues I have faced over the years. Most legal and family issues are very stressful and emotional for the client, and I would not want to be going through any of it without Mike McMain at my side. Five stars for sure, Six if that was available!

Ken, former client of Mike McMain

Ryan Beck is the best defense attorney. He was so knowledgeable about the legal issues pertaining to my case and he always kept open communication with me. I would recommend him for any criminal or domestic matter.

Anonymous, former client of Ryan Beck

Mr. Erpenbeck was fantastic. He handled my claim expeditiously and with the professionalism you can only expect from a seasoned litigator. From start to finish, he kept me informed and made me feel like I was his only client. When the insurance company fought, he fought harder. I could not imagine going through this process with any other lawyer. I will recommend him to my family and friends because I know you cannot be in better hands. THANK YOU GREG!

Nick, former client of Greg Erpenbeck

Mr. Hart represented me. He is an excellent attorney. He did everything he said that he would and kept me out of jail even though I was in a very bad situation.

Kurt, former client of Jonathan Hart

When I was the victim of an auto accident, I didn't know what to do. I spoke with a friend and she recommended Andy Busald. From our first phone call Andy was kind, compassionate and understanding. His knowledge of the law is remarkable and can't be matched. He was always readily available and responded to my questions without delay. Andy fought for me when I was not able to fight for myself. He was with me every step of the way and I could not have made it without him. I am so grateful to Andy and his team for all their help. I would definitely recommend Andy to anyone in need of an exceptional attorney.

D.M., former client of Andy Busald

I have had Mr. McMain represent myself multiple times for Child Custody case. Michael sets the bar for what an attorney is/should be. No matter what the matter at hand is, Michael is always right on target with expectations & realistic outcomes, I am never left wondering 'What if.' His professionalism & dedication to each case is the #1 thing that has always driven me to have him represent my cases. I may not be the million dollar client, but I always leave feeling like I received a million dollar treatment.

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my case.

Steven, former client of Mike McMain

Ryan Beck is the best lawyer I've ever had. I used to pay a lot more to an older gentleman and got a lot less for my money. Ryan has your best interest in his heart. Highly suggested.

Anonymous, former client of Ryan Beck

Gregory Erpenbeck was the best lawyer I could have asked for in my time of need. He was there to ease my discomfort after my accident. Gregory is professional, organized, understanding, motivated, reliable, knowledgeable, and very importantly stern against our opponents.

Derek, former client of Greg Erpenbeck

I hired Mr. Hart to represent me with an OVI in Hamilton County, Ohio. Not only did he completely put me at ease, he got my charge reduced to reckless driving. I have referred everyone I know to him and always will. Thanks again!

Anonymous, former client of Jonathan Hart

On 8-28-2014 I was in an accident...The driver of the other car was not insured... I had contracted The Law offices of Busald Funk Zevely... Mr. Busald had taken my call immediately and asked me to come to his office right away.... He knew right then what needed to be done...He documented pictures and my story...He kept me informed of everything that was happening.. Who he talked to, what was said,.. It was if I was right there....I would recommend this office and especially Andy Busald to everyone.... If you would like a competent lawyer he is the man... Andy was a compassionate and very understanding.... He is always available whenever I has questions.... He stood by myside every step of the way...During all my plastic surgeries and all my chiropractic needs... I cannot say enough good things about Andy Busald... He is the only lawyer I will ever go to with all my legal needs....

D.L., former client of Andy Busald

Worth every penny I've ever spent. I'm a single mother who was up against a complete bully with plenty of money. He knows the law very well and shut down all the drama and put out every fire almost instantly. I felt protected with him on my side and ultimately I was. He knew what was going to happen before it happened, he made precise recommendations, decisions and was always 5 steps ahead. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, hands down a class act!

Lisa, former client of Mike McMain

I could not have asked for a better lawyer than Greg Erpenbeck to represent me. He worked hard to get me the money I deserved and the closure I needed. He was always on time and he kept me up to date with the direction that the case was going. I consider myself lucky to have had him as my lawyer.

Maja, former client of Greg Erpenbeck

When I was injured, struck by a car while walking, we asked several people for the name of a lawyer who could help with all the resulting financial and legal issues. Three different people recommended Andy Busald. Andy worked with my family and with me to see that all medical bills were paid, and that the two insurance companies involved paid my claims. We found Andy to be easy to work with, thorough, considerate, and very talented. I am thankful that he was there for me at a very difficult time. Of course, I would highly recommend him.

S.B., former client of Andy Busald

I entered into a very UGLY custody case and Mike came highly recommended to me. From day 1 of this nightmare, Mike has had my back, day, night whenever/wherever. It became clear to me within the first thirty days, EVERYONE who was ANYONE knew Mike McMain. He is highly respected by the people who work at the courthouse, the judges and also everyone else who I have been in contact with during my custody case. There is no doubt in my mind the result achieved in my case would not have been the same without him. If you need the absolute best-you just found him!

Anonymous, former client of Mike McMain

He took over case and handled from Beginning to successful outcome. Very informative, transparent, professional and responsive. Made it a very easy process and allowed me to take care of myself and focus on my family instead of dealing with hospitals and insurance companies. The outcome was significantly better than anticipated. I highly recommend Greg.

Andrew, former client of Greg Erpenbeck

I was referred to Andy Busald after being seriously injured in a car accident. He was knowledgeable and kind, as well as being available to answer my calls & questions. He continued to fight for me after settling with the auto insurance company to make sure my medical bills were taken care of. I was most thankful I hired Andy to represent me. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great attorney.

C.D., former client of Andy Busald

Mr. McMain was highly recommended by an attorney friend of a family member of mine. Mr. McMain represented me through a very volatile divorce, Emergency Protection Order, Domestic Violence Order and violations of the order. And I can say this without a doubt in my mind that Mike is the best (and so is his assistant, Terri). When he represents you, he knows the law, he knows what he is doing and will work endlessly to get the results you want/need. He is a true professional, honest, knowledgeable, and he is very good at what he does.

Anonymous, former client of Mike McMain

Mr. Greg Erpenbeck was a great lawyer. He came in and told me the pro and cons. Left no stone unturned and got me a settlement. If I ever need a lawyer or know someone who does Mr. Greg & his firm will be the first I recommend.

Yolanda, former client of Greg Erpenbeck