Family Law

Family Law

Because family disputes are personal and have such an impact on numerous lives, they are often the most difficult and painful cases for clients. Having the guidance of an experienced attorney whom you can trust can make the process easier.

Providing Practical Solutions for Divorce and Other Family Law Issues

We are committed to protecting the interests of our clients. As your counselors, we will advise you of all your options and discuss the potential outcomes of each. Our lawyers will remain personally involved with your case from the initial consultation through the final judgment. Our family law practice encompasses the following types of issues:

Domestic Relations

Domestic relations disputes encompass a variety of issues, including domestic violence, high net worth divorces, parental rights, emancipation of minors, andsame-sex marriage cases.

Spousal Support

Also known as alimony or maintenance, spousal support is granted based on the quality of life to which you or your spouse has become accustomed during your marriage.

Child Custody

Child custody includes both the physical and legal rights of a child, but may also include adopting or becoming a court-appointed guardian for a child.

Child Support

In Kentucky and Ohio, children are entitled to financial support from their parents. Child support is paid to the guardian/guardians of the child for their care.

Property Division

During a divorce, property must be divided fairly. This requires the identification, classification, valuation, and division of assets.

At Busald Funk Zevely, we understand how emotional family court cases can be. We are here to fight by your side. If you are experiencing a family dispute, contact the knowledgeable team at Busald Funk Zevely today.